Why GoJo?

Why Gojos ?

The only constant in the world is ”Change”. With this philosophy in mind a team of intellectuals, from the world’s leading technological and medical universities got together to redesign the entire learning process for students from scratch!

The outcome of this effort is GOJO’s: an integrated, self evolving learning platform for modern age Learners.

At GOJO the learning is on demand, the user lets the system know what is expected of the system and the platform presents a customised learning solution! The platform is designed to be a one stop solution for all the learning requirement of the students. The platform is collaborative and participative.

Each chapter is written to cover the school based learning requirements of the learner and with carefully designed graded problem set , develops the unconscious understanding of the learner meant for higher performance in Indian and Global competitive exams!

GOJO is not a static platform its content is regularly updated as per the feedback and learning needs of the students!! So what are you waiting for GOJOs is your canvas, come and paint your learning picture today and discover for yourself “how much fun it is to learn”!!!

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